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1992 dir. Charles Martin Smith Remember that dream you had where Peter Weller used a bazooka to save you from a school of sharks? You better start looking for a residual check, because they made it into a movie. A … Continue reading

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1986 dir. Richard Franklin I have a theory that the most successful ape-centric movies, such as Monkey Trouble or any entry in the MVP: Most Valuable Primate series, are not movies at all, but documentaries. Or perhaps more specifically, documentaries … Continue reading

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52 Pick-Up

1986 dir. John Frankenheimer Although you probably don’t know his name, if anybody mentions “the L.A. slime ball from Scrooged” or “Billy’s weirdo boss from Gremlins 2,” an image of John Glover’s face slowly begins to soak into your mind. … Continue reading

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1986 dir. George P. Cosmatos Cobra is the action movie equivalent of a Brian Eno composition; it demands very little of you yet somehow manages to remain completely enthralling from beginning to end. Much like Eno’s ambient soundscapes, Cobra demands … Continue reading

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